Ready to turn your business idea into a flourishing reality?

Take your first step with Travis Rosbach, the visionary founder of Hydro Flask® and business advisor with experience at every level of entrepreneurship. Topics can include a comprehensive evaluation of your product idea, invention, or next steps in business. You'll get a one-hour consultation on Zoom—a direct conversation with Travis to kickstart your transformative journey.

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What To Expect

Your 60-minute call will follow this agenda:

Introduction and Get To Know You (10 mins)
Expert Feedback & Suggestions From Travis (30 mins)
Questions & Answers (10 mins)
Next Action Steps (10 mins)

Travis Rosbach does not provide legal or financial advice.

Who is this for?

Ideal for both budding entrepreneurs and established business leaders, this consultation caters to those seeking:

  • Expert evaluation of their business idea
  • Insightful strategies for target audience identification and differentiation
  • Effective risk mitigation plans
  • Swift and cost-effective idea viability testing methods
  • Profit-maximizing pricing strategies
  • Guidance on initial user acquisition through strategic marketing


Q: Why should I book this consultation? 

1. First Step Towards Success: 

This idea review and one-hour one-on-one consultation is your inaugural step into a collaborative journey with Travis Rosbach and his team, setting the stage for a deeper partnership.

2. Time-Saving: 

Leverage Travis's vast experience without the tedious information hunt. Travis' team helps streamline your path, allowing you to concentrate on business building.

3. Increase Your Chances of Success: 

Travis and company can swiftly identify market-friendly ideas, increasing your chances of success in a competitive landscape.

4. Risk Reduction: 

Testing your ideas beforehand reduces the likelihood of failure, ensuring a more resilient and motivated entrepreneurial journey.

5. Improvement of Decision-Making: 

Mr. Rosbach offers a comprehensive view of your concept, enabling better decision-making. This 360° insight can also set the foundation for a transformative collaboration with Travis and his team, if desired.




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