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With our highly effective "right-fit" consulting packages, we will help refine and explore multiple ideas, theories, and concepts to define the design, production, packaging, shipping logistics, and delivery of your product.

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The intangible benefit of working with Travis and his team is quite important.

As a founder, CEO, or COO, you have dozens of decisions to make each day. (We've lived and breathed it through multiple startups.) Finding resources in a foreign country -- and then ensuring that the product, price, and timeline all fit with your objectives -- adds whole new layers of responsibility and stress.

We've learned that inventors and founders benefit greatly from expert involvement right from the beginning, so that they can avoid deadly errors that kill momentum and waste funding. But we can also help manage the entire process so that founders can rest easier, knowing this critical component of their business is on the right track.

From your current concept to manufacturing and delivery of your finished product, we can help you:

• Explore different ideas

• Refine the industrial design

• Establish manufacturing partners

• Form lasting connections with shipping agents

• Finalize all packaging specs

• And finally, deliver your new product, ready to ship to your customers.

At the highest level of consulting, our ultimate goal is to get you proficient in working closely with the factories that we have sourced for you, so that you can move forward with keen discernment and confidence.

Discover Our Process


Travis & team will work with you to identify the products or services that can be successfully sourced from our trusted stable of factories. Together, we will determine the success metrics of the project and conduct our 10 Step Supplier Selection Process to complete the initial business assessment of potential suppliers, factories, or partners. When possible, and arranged outside of this proposal, we will conduct in-person meetings and audits of suitable partners.

We will then recommend the most aligned supplier for your unique situation.

Once the factory has gone through our extensive vetting process and ultimately selected, we will help negotiate the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) and the lowest price possible, while maintaining the highest quality practicable. We will work with you to develop a “blueprint for success” in all areas of sourcing.

Next, we work to ensure that the suppliers are on the “same page” for tooling specs and parameters and can meet the milestones and timetables that we’ve set. The initial POs will be placed at the manufacturers of choice, and the next phase will begin.



The Design For Manufacturing DFM stage is a thorough check of all of the files that were sent to the factory from the designer to ensure the machines that make the parts and pieces can actually handle the work. DFM is a crucial step that is often overlooked. The DFM stage will consist of many phone and video calls between our team, yourself, and the engineers at the factory floor before the tooling is started to help cut any delays, costs, and headaches.

After we are confident that the DFM is complete, and at the client’s request, we will help secure a “works, feels, and acts as” prototype. This is where you will get to see for the first time roughly how your product will look in 3D "actual form." Changes and modifications can of course be made, and this is the time to do so.

As soon as the sample is accepted, we will then move into placing the first Purchase Order (PO). Our team will work diligently to ensure a multitude of checks and balances have been included with this oh-so-important document. We will add in years of knowledge and experience to the PO to help ensure you are covered from unseen calamities that may have otherwise arisen later in the manufacturing process.



Production will start after we are all on the same page and everyone feels comfortable with the task. We will advise on how to successfully create close communication with the previously chosen factory to ensure the highest quality of your products.

During the production phase, we will be in daily communication with the factory to ensure diligent Quality Control (QC) measures are being addressed. Quality checks on the factory floor will be executed by both the factories' in-house QC teams, and our trusted partners on an ongoing basis.

While this is happening, other facets of production will also take place, such as the selection of the packaging and labeling of all goods, and some of the shipping logistics to get ready to ship as soon as the order is complete.



During the final phase, we will work closely with your graphic design department to ensure all packaging needs are met, and correctly so.

We will offer suggestions for international shipping and logistics firms (contract and pricing to be negotiated outside this proposal).

When the shipping firm has been selected, we will continue working to keep track of and help expedite all necessary paperwork by this third party. We will also be monitoring the factories to ensure all of the products are correctly boxed, labeled, and marked for transportation from the factory to the steam vessel or airport.

Once complete and ready to ship, your products will be leaving the factory to your destination (either by sea, land, or a hybrid of both!)

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