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Last updated: September 24, 2023


  1. Select Participants: The program is open exclusively to individuals aged 18 and above who undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure dedication and motivation.
  2. In-Person Retreat: Each participant will embark on an intensive, individual one-week journey with Travis Rosbach in an extraordinary environment (exact location and dates TBD). In most cases, we'll be looking to host you in and around Travis' private property in Bend, Oregon. This means you can expect a rustic, off-the-grid style retreat where you can totally detox from your everyday routines.
  3. Zoom/Text Access: Over the 12-month experience, participants will have up to 24 hours of one-on-one access to Travis via Zoom for personalized coaching and advice. And text for when the need arises. 
  4. Additional In-Person Time: Extra in-person meetings will be arranged on a case-by-case basis and billed separately. This allows flexibility and customization to meet individual needs on-site at the Client facility. 
  5. No Liability: Travis Rosbach holds zero liability for any outcomes, including severe ones such as personal crises, life-altering experiences, or even death. He is not a therapist, but a guide on your Odyssey.
  6. Challenge and Growth: Travis is not a "yes man." He will likely challenge Clients to step out of their comfort zones, fostering substantial progress and growth in their personal and business lives. It may be extremely challenging for soft and weak individuals.
  7. Application Fee: If approved, the $1,000.00 application fee will go towards your total Odyssey investment. 
  8. Life-Altering Experience: Participants can expect to make more progress this week (and throughout the remainder of the 12 months) than they likely have in several years. It may lead to profound and unexpected experiences, including potentially life-altering ones such as "awakenings" and "existential breakthroughs."
  9. Business Expense: The program is considered a legitimate business expense for participants, making it tax-deductible.
  10. Investment: This exclusive 12-month program costs $100,000.00 plus all associated expenses. There are an extremely limited number of openings and there are no refunds once you accept your spot.


  • Gain insights from a seasoned entrepreneur, inventor, and world explorer.
  • Develop a customized strategy for personal and business growth.
  • Experience a unique, immersive retreat.
  • Achieve substantial progress in just one year and, in many cases, even less.



Fully Refundable If Denied

Odyssey is not just an investment in your future—it's a commitment to unlocking your full potential, knowing that the journey may be challenging -- and even life-altering.


Are you prepared to embark on this extraordinary journey, understanding the potential risks? If so, click the link below, and let's roll.