Men Wanted: For hazardous journey.

Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful.

Honour and recognition, in case of success.”

Ernest Shackleton



From the desk of Travis Rosbach
Bend, Oregon

Dear friend,

There was a very real time after Hydro Flask that the money was so prevalent that the needs were no longer as dire -- because money was able to solve them or, by and large, help with them.

When that happens, when the money is no longer an issue, one may find that “what I was striving for was not just the money.

You often realize that what you had been striving for was larger than the Success, or simply being “the best.” 

It was a striving, always striving -- working harder, working smarter, working faster, working “better,” or even “outworking,” outhustling and outperforming the “competition.”

Having to come up with new ideas and new insights, having to be “the smartest person in the room."

Constantly being betrayed by employees and friends & family alike.

Being on stage and in the limelight, nonstop. 

And then, after the exit happens, all of that just gets turned off. 

Then there's no more.

With Hydro Flask it took me six whole months to finally “wake up.”

Six full months went by before I woke up for the first time after the exit and truly realized all of the weight of being “the Hydro Flask guy” was completely off of my chest. 

And then I think the very next real question was, "Well then, who in the fuck am I?"

If I'm not the person who I've been striving and working so hard at becoming, if that's no longer part of my daily, well, then what's this all about?

The money? Is the money enough of an answer?

Well, sure, the money was great... But then what's next? Who am I?

And so a lot of entrepreneurs, they get right back into business. It's like getting out of a bad relationship -- and just getting into another bad relationship.

But with entrepreneurship, you do really well. You have a really good relationship. You want to get back into another really good relationship, because that's where the good is.

But it's not as easy, this time. It's perhaps heavier than ever before.

And who is there to talk to now?

If you're like me, you can feel isolated, and we can feel a bit alone because not everybody has done that. (There are just not a lot of people who I feel I can communicate with who've achieved as much as I have and have even strived for as much as I've strived for.)

So the Odyssey program is for the two of us to come together as equals, and to very much answer a lot of questions like, who am I? And what am I really doing?

A lot of us who've traveled all over the world and seen a lot of crazy places and experienced a lot of the finer things in life (and some of the harder things too) find that if you stay too local, you kind of have a tendency to cap out, so to speak, on people who really will get your neurons firing and spark your interest in things.

And there's always somehow a little bit of competitive nature when you start getting upper-income bracket level.

And it's not a thing that people talk about.

Success wasn't something that I had read about or heard about in the success books. I read all the books on becoming successful -- hundreds and hundreds of books -- and not a single one really talked about what it's like to HAVE the money -- and maybe some fortune, maybe some fame, maybe some sort of a new life that we knew we wanted, the one we strived and we worked and worked and worked and suffered and sacrificed for.

And then when we do get it? We kind of realize that we've lost a lot of people along the way, a lot of ourselves along the way, possibly, and a lot of our identity, like no longer being the Hydro Flask guy.

"Well, now who are you? Well, what do you do now?"

It was always the big question for years...  Well, what are you going to do now? Well, what are you going to do now?

And a lot of me wanted to, and really honestly did say, "I don't know. I don't know. I guess I'm going to see where it goes."

But I still spent years secretly uncertain, and unnecessarily lonely.

Now that I've created the Odyssey experience, it's amazing that I too get to see that there are other people like me. There are other humans who've gone through some of the same shit that I have, and we have built some of the rare relationships capable of helping each other get through to the other side.

And the questions have evolved beautifully, too:

• What more can we do?
• How can we do even better with what we now have?
• How do we best maximize the potential that we have?

We know what we've been given -- and we just need a little help, a little refining, a little tweaking on what the next most logical steps are.

And this isn't only needed post-exit...

A lot of my clients are still working. They're still running the day-to-day business, or maybe they've backed up a bit from it. Some of them are transitioning towards the exit of the business, and they need to take a week to come out to Oregon with me, and then take a year to continue to think out loud with me by their side.

And it's a wonderful feeling, getting to be your trusted confidant. That's really what it is...

It's a level of trust and knowing that you can BE yourself, because who you're speaking to (in this case myself) -- you know that Travis has been there, Travis has done that.

And then I want to know more, and I want to know you more, and I want to dig deeper, and I want to listen to what you have to say, and I want to hear what you have to say, and I want to feel what you have to say.

And the best way to do that is a week in person where we really get to know each other, and we really talk about it, we just learn who the other is, and then know for certain how I can help going forward. How can we get you to the next step?

It's a lot easier when you have a friend. It's a lot easier when you have somebody who's been there and done that and isn't trying to sell you another 10 Steps To Millions program.

I'm here to help. I'm here to talk about and learn about how we can bring you to another level.

We will open new doorways, open new portals, open up new timeframes.

How do we open up more and better?

That's why we put together the Odyssey program.

✔ You are wanted: For a transformational and potentially hazardous journey.

✔ Hefty expense, colossal breakthroughs, earth-shattering revolutions, potential death, and one year of living an authentic life that may change ALL to come.

✔ Betterment and fulfillment in case of success.





Long story short, this is not your average program.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity designed for individuals ready to step out of their comfort zones, challenge themselves, and make remarkable progress in their personal and business lives.


Travis Rosbach, the visionary entrepreneur and inventor of Hydro Flask, will personally guide you through an impactful journey that combines business acumen, life wisdom, and self-discovery.

Deep Coaching

Travis will challenge you, question your assumptions, and guide you to develop a customized strategy for your life and business.

Personal Growth

You'll progress more in one week than in years. Be prepared for profound breakthroughs and unexpected transformations.


Connect with important individuals who are key to your extraordinary journey. Build relationships that could last a lifetime.

Odyssey is an exclusive one-year program tailored for select individuals seeking profound personal and business growth.


Program Details

A Transformational Week-Long Retreat

The heart of this program is an intensive, personalized retreat experience in and around Travis' private property in Bend, Oregon. Picture yourself spending an entire week in a retreat-like environment guided by Capt. Travis Rosbach. This isn't your ordinary getaway; it's a life-altering experience that fosters growth, and breakthroughs.

365 Days of Personal One-on-One Access

One of the cornerstones of this program is the unparalleled access to Travis himself. Imagine having dedicated one-on-one time with an accomplished entrepreneur, inventor, and business advisor -- over the course of an entire year. Travis will work with you directly, helping you tailor strategies to meet your unique goals.

100% Confidential

This private client experience is ideal for the entrepreneur looking for deep mentorship and self-discovery, rather than "another mastermind group." Your ideas are always kept safe. It is up to you to record your meetings with Travis, if desired.

: $100k plus all associated expenses

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